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Who am I ?

“My knowledge of risk analysis and ergonomics was acquired at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts of Nantes and Paris and at the HSE department of IUT Lorient (University of South Brittany) where I have been involved on a regualr basis for many years.

I first tested the theoretical models learned through contact with the managers and crews of maritime shipping companies in Europe. I succeeded in gaining the attention of women and men in high-risk and arduous jobs on board fishing vessels and to engage in fruitful and pragmatic collaborations aimed at improving safety and working conditions.

With the benefit of this experience, I contributed to the setting up and management of a joint body dedicated to the prevention of occupational hazards in the maritime sector. From the different fishing trades, I then moved on to the freight and passenger transport sectors, off-shore, port and river activities, not forgetting marine culture and aquaculture.

My collaboration with these companies using the skills of seafarers and operating vessels led me to frequent the upstream and downstream trades in the maritime sectors: shipbuilding and ship repair yards, port infrastructures, fish markets and seafood trading and processing units, schools, etc.

My collaboration with all these people who have long experience in trades open to the market, to mobility and to international law have contributed to my experience as a professional risk prevention advisor over the last 30 years. “