All companies have HSW training obligations: new staff, staff representatives and HSW elected representative, machine operators, electrical approval… and, to be effective, HSW information must be disseminated at all levels of management.

In this context, our fields of competence are: HSW management, methods of clinical analysis of accidents (cause tree); ergonomic analysis of work situations; design for safety of work systems; personal protective equipment (PPE); prevention of musculoskeletal and psychosocial disorders.


“face to face” meetings

Direct intervention in companies on specific themes, or on behalf of a third-party training organization. The target audiences are the managers, the supervisory management, the operatives.

Co-design of educational materials

This can be carried out directly with a company such as the HSW booklet that accompanies the mandatory training of new staff. It can also be done in collaboration with school teachers (integration of HSW information with vocational education) or with branch organizations.

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