Risk assessment and prevention

The assessment of the choices made by a company manager in the field of health and safety at work (HSW) is carried out by means of a number of analyses.

These analyses focus on the five dimensions of work: the physical environment, the tasks to be performed, the work areas and equipment, the individual and his or her behaviour, and organization.

Analyses can be triggered by regulatory control, employee complaints, accidents or incidents, and repeated work stoppages. You want to understand before deciding on remedial measures. The results of these analyses are expressed in “strengths” and “weaknesses”, and are accompanied by proposals for measures to reduce the gap with the rule or standard.

Analyses can also be conducted as part of an investment project in a new ship, building, workshop or production line.

They are designed to cancel out the imperfections in health and safety in the work system upstream of a new installation and must be integrated into the “project” group.

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